The Institute of Arts and Culture (aka Arts Village)  University of Port Harcourt is an international art institution established in 2011. It is designed to function in collaboration with national and international Arts institutes and academies and also in partnership with art and entertainment industries to offer courses in performing arts, visual arts, photography, film, television,  creative writing, costume and make-up to various categories of students.


It is our conviction that artistic experience is transformational. Exposure to the arts, particularly to the experience of production helps people to give meaning to their lives and the lives of their neighbours. Through artistic productions one can work against ethnic sentiments, gender discrimination, injustice and oppression in all forms while canvassing for a system that has value for peace, justice, equity and respect for human dignity.


The vision of the institute is to put artistic creativity at the heart of the Niger Delta experience and also to make the Institute one of the foremost centres of excellence for artistic pursuit in Africa, especially for the production of manpower for the bourgeoning movie Industry in Nigeria as well as in our neighbouring countries.


The mission of the Institute is to enrich the quality of life of the people in the Niger Delta Region and Nigeria through diverse programmes in art education, visual and performing arts of the highest quality.



When in full operation, the Institute will be made of specialized schools: ▪School of Drama and Theatre Arts, ▪School of Creative Writing, ▪School of Music, ▪School of Fine Arts, ▪School of Film and Media Studies, ▪School of Photography, ▪School of Costume and Design.  Each school will operate on dual platforms: (A) Academy (B)  Atelier (Practice).


A) On the Academic Level it will offer:

▪  Professional Post Graduate Programme (MFA)

▪  Professional Post Graduate Diploma (PGD)

▪  Continuing Education Diploma Programmes (CED)

▪  Capacity Building Certificate Programmes (CBC)

▪  Applied Research and Services

▪  Residency Programme

▪  Community Outreach Services

▪  Visiting Artists Programme

▪  SIWES (Internships)

▪  Long Vacation Youth Programmes

▪  Long Vacation Sandwich Programme


B)  As an Atelier it will have the following residential enterprises     

    for production and presentation.


▪   A Registered UNIPORT Theatre Company

▪   A Musical Orchestra

▪   Film/Video/Radio Recording Studio

▪   Creative Writing Workshop

▪   Photography Laboratory

▪   Art Studio

▪   Art gallery

▪   Museum


The Institute offers courses in Acting,  Animation, Cinematography, Directing, Editing, Producing, creative writing, writing for stage, screen and radio, Sound and Media Management Studies,  Photography, Costume and Make-Up that are designed to be heavily practical and delivered under a unique educational methodology by outstanding staff and accentuated by guest lecturers and leading national and International Practitioners in the Arts.



IAC shall carry out research and documentation on indigenous art forms and artists of the Niger Delta Region and Nigeria.



IAC shall establish a special museum to house artifacts and rare materials on arts.



 A registered Uniport Theatre Company will produce and perform plays for public entertainment. The plays could be taken on tour around the local government areas, and also participate in both national and international competitions. 

●Establish town and gown relationship through reading from creative writing   sessions whereby new works are presented for public comments.  In this forum, intimate conversation between the Playwright, poet, and novelist   and the audience takes place.


PUBLICATION: The Institute shall publish:

                        ● Books

                        ● Journals

                        ● Reviews and Newsletters


Admission to most of the programmes is based on skill and talent with the exception of PGD and MFA Programmes which require a B.A, BSC, HND, or B.Ed. Every candidate for admission is required to fill and submit an application form accompanied with a sample creative work or demonstrable talent  work. The applicant will undergo screening and ranking tests as well as oral interviews.

For Admissions Information, call:

The Secretary: 08025943416 – Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Admin Officer: 08037077180 Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




IAC shall organize a Biennial Ola Rotimi International Theatre Festival and Conference that will be open to both Institutional Theatre Troupes and private theatre companies in Africa and the Diaspora. The biennial festival and conference is envisaged to be a gathering of artists, educators, organizers, activists, scholars, theater professionals and presenters from Africa and the Diaspora. As an organization that bridges the worlds of creativity and scholarship, community activism and professional performance, Ola Rotimi International Theatre Festival and Conference will be committed to furthering conversations on cultural equity and emerging Black aesthetics and activism through the arts. So the festival will examine new theatre works by Black artists. The Festival will offer a rich variety of theatrical performances including drama, comedies, musicals, monologues and multi-media presentations. Cultural garments and artworks will be on sale at the International Vendors’ Market throughout the festival.



Skills gained from the rigorous training at the Institute will be useful for a wide range of careers in theatre, movie, television and radio industries, Journalism, advertising, broadcasting, art education, art administration, art consultancy, events management, self employment, tourism, national and state annual festivals et cetera.


When fully established, The Institute will be composed of members who are highly educated and experienced in performing arts, film art, media arts, art education, art administration, creative writing, fine arts and design, photography, costume and make-up, information and communication technology (ICT), to serve as advisers instructors, performers, and technical crew.


The governance structure of the Centre consists of:

  • Board of Trustees
  • Board of Governors
  • Administrative Board
  • Academic Board
  • Business Committee

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Prof. Julie Okoh

The Director

Institute of Arts and Culture

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Prof. John Otaigbe

The Director

International Centre for Exchange and Linkage Programme


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Dr. N. Odu

The Director

University of Port Harcourt

Advancement Centre

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Admin Officer

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