Ikechukwu Agbagwa

If your actions inspire others to dream more,

learn more, do more and become more,

you are a leader


This month of April, the University administration is celebrating the diligence, purpose, focus and uncommon commitment to work by the Director of Quality Assurance and Quality Control/SERVICOM Unit, PROFESSOR IKECHUKWU OZOEMENA AGBAGWA of the Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology in the Faculty of Science. Professor Agbagwa has proved that innovation distinguishes between leaders and followers in an organisation.

Professor Agbagwa's trademark humility and determined drive to get things done the right way made him an easy choice for the position of Director of Quality Assurance and Quality Control/SERVICOM Unit. Since the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ndowa Lale appointed him to the highly demanding office, Agbagwa has proved that total commitment to duty and undiluted zeal to do the right thing can make a huge difference in the attainment of organisational goals and preservation of institutional reputation.

As Acting Director, and later Director of QAQC Unit in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Agbagwa raised a crop of dedicated staff that helps him to drive the Vice-Chancellor's vision of enhanced service delivery, right to quality service, prompt redress of service failure and mobilising popular participation in service delivery.

Under Professor Agbagwa's watch, the QAQC/SERVICOM Unit diligently monitors all service windows of the University without shielding any staff or pandering to pecuniary interest. The Unit diligently and promptly addresses genuine customer complaints and seeks redress in a non-intrusive or abrasive manner. QAQC/SERVICOM Unit routinely monitors staff attendance at work and productivity and organises enlightenment workshops on modalities for enhanced service delivery on low budget.

The QAQC also vigorously monitors compliance to Time-table, quality of teaching, early release of results and addresses genuine complaints by students. To effectively monitor other staff, Professor Agbagwa reports to duty early enough and continues his daily routine well beyond official hours in his belief that the customer has “a right to be served right.”

Unlike some of his academic colleagues who hold administrative positions, Professor Agbagwa continues to teach and personally grade his courses in the Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology without holding his nose in the air. He is adept at the practice of leadership by wandering about the University to ensure full compliance to established rules within his mandate.

In the lawful execution of his statutory functions, Professor Agbagwa has predictably incurred the wrath of some staff, who want to continue in their “business as usual” attitude. Like his predecessor, Professor Agbagwa has been plastered with all manner of pejorative labels and called uncomplimentary names. Yet, he remains steadfast and focused on the realisation of the mandate given to him by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Lale.

Professor Agbagwa's unqualified success as Director of the Quality Assurance and Quality Control/SERVICOM Unit is ample proof that the generational change in leadership championed by the present administration is working well to the admiration of many.

For his personal sacrifice, total commitment to duty and drive to achieve institutional goals, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ndowa Lale, declares PROFESSOR IKECHUKWU AGBAGWA STAFF OF THE MONTH OF APRIL 2018. Congratulations Prof!


Courtesy: IPPR UNIT

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