AVC Commissions Artsville Studio

By Letom Nnen


In  a  determined  effort  aimed  at  enhancing  the smoot h  runni ng  of   t he  Nol l ywood  Art   and Photography  Units  of  the  Institute  of  Arts  and Cul ture, the  Acti ng  Vice  Chancel l or ,   Professor Stephen  Okodudu  has  commissioned  a  state-of-theart  photo  studio  at  the  Institute.

Commissioning  the  studio  which  is  located  beside Basic Studies building on  Monday, August  24,  2020, the  Acting  Vice  Chancellor ,  commended  the  Acting Director  of  the  Institute,  Dr  Friday  Nwafor  for  the initiative,  charging  him  to  put  the  facility  to  proper use. “This is  a radical transformation.  Looking at it  is great  and  impressive,  and  I  would  urge  you  to leverage  on  the  Nollywood  actors  whose  images  are pl a c e d  o n  t he   f a c i l i t y   t o   a t t r a c t   f und  t o   t he Uni v e r s i t y, ”   Pro f e s s o r  Oko dudu  c ha r g e d  t he Director ,  urging  him  to  run  quality  services. 

Earlier , while conducting the  Acting Vice Chancellor round  the  studio,  Dr  Nwafor ,  disclosed  that  the  facility  was put in  place to  enable  the  Institute  run some  of its a l r e a d y   a p p r o v e d   p r o g r a m m e s   a n d   r e n d e r professional  photographic  services  to  staff  and students  at  an  affordable  rate.

The Acting Director  further  revealed that  the  studio which  would  serve  as  workshop  for  students  would also  afford  the  Institute  to  run  the  production  of identity  cards  for  staff  and  students,  thereby  saving cost for the University. He also stated that the studio would  render  other  services  such  as  reprinting  and treating  of  old  pictures.

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