AVC Assures Choba Police Of Continued Support

Ac t i n g   Vi c e   Ch a n c e l l o r,   Pro f e s s o r   S t e p h e n Okodudu has assured the Choba Area Command of the Nigeria Police of continued support, noting that  security  was  paramount  for  the  well-being  of  any human  society.

Professor  Okodudu  gave  the  assurance  when  the  Area Commander ,  Mr  Stephen  Okunade,  accompanied  by some  senior  officers  paid  a  courtesy  visit  to  him,  last  August.

“As a human organisation which prioritises security , it is only important  that we do the needful which is  to support your cause. There is need to deepen this relationship and keep  communication  open  to  address  threats  as  they  come. We  would  continue  to  do  what  is  possible  within  our powers,”  Professor  Okodudu  told  his  guests,  regretting that  the  government  pays  the  least  attention  to  security over  the  years.

In  his  response,  the  Area  Commander ,  Mr  Okunade,  disclosed that the Command was working to ensure that the  Area  was  crime  free.  “We  carry  out  our  businesses without  fear  or  molestation  to  provide  a  conducive environment.    So  far  we  can  attest  to  the  fact  that communities  within our  jurisdiction  have  enjoyed  relative peace including the University of Port Harcourt which is one of our major concerns,” Okunade said. He listed the challenges affecting the Command while appealing to the Acting  Vice  Chancellor  to  support  the  Command in  its  bid to  offer  quality  service  to  the  Nigerian  society.

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