Technical Staff Celebrate Ibe’s Mentorship

By Humphrey Ogu


Staff of the Technical Unit in the Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering converged in the office of Professor Anthony Ibe on Monday, June 7, 2021 to celebrate him for providing quality leadership that led to the development of the Department in the last three decades. Speaking on behalf of the Unit, Chief Technologist, Dr Owuda Lamidi, said that they were in the office to express their appreciation to Professor Ibe who is due thfor retirement on his 70 Birthday in September. He added that the Unit deemed it fit to pay him homage and thank him for his contributions to development of the Department as he prepares to go on preretirement leave within the month. Presenting an Award of Excellence to Professor Ibe, Lamidi commended him for providing enabling environment for career development of staff. “We are here to celebrate our father, who had been so good to us. We are here to thank him for what he has done for the Department,” the Head of the Unit said, noting that the Department now has more PhD holders and Professors.  Responding, Professor Ibe said: “It is very thoughtful of Lamidi to lead his team to visit me on a day like this. I'm due thfor retirement on the 19 of September, 2021 and will be proceeding on threethmonth pre-retirement leave on the 19 of June, 2021. I feel very fulfilled. I thank you all for this plaque.” Ibe, who is a former Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Administration recalled that he joined the services of the University on October 2, 1985 and became a Head of Department by October 2, 1990 as the only PhD holder then. “The senior academics I met left for greener pastures. I met Monima Briggs, who left on Sabbatical overseas and never returned. I was left alone. By God's grace I stayed and built up the Department. Today, I'm happy that the Department now has 22 PhD holders and two additional Professors. I'm so proud that my sacrifice paid off. I put in 36 years. I came fully made with a PhD from the University of London. I came to build, I have done that and it's now time for me to leave,” he told his guests.


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