A. General Module 

1. Overview of the Petroleum Industry
2. HSE y Practical skills
3. Communication skills
4. Fundamentals of Exploration & Production
5. Fundamentals of Petroleum Geology
6. Fundamentals of Petroleum Geophysics
7. Fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering
8. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
9. Applied Mathematics for Geoscientists
10. Applied Statistics for Geoscientists
11. Oil & Gas Teams – How to make them work
B. Petroleum Geophysics Module 1 
12. Seismic Survey Designs and Data acquisition and field techniques
13. Seismic Data Processing – Filter theory and signal processing
14. Seismic Data Interpretation
15. Introduction to Seismic Stratigraphy
C. Basin Analysis & Modeling Module 
16. Sedimentary Depositional Environments
17. Sequence Stratigraphy
18. Application of Biostratigraphy to E & P
19. Application of Geochemistry to E & P
D. Petroleum Geophysics Module 2 
20. Velocities, Depth Conversion, AVO, Inversion, Synthetic seismograms, VSP and Velocity Anisotrophy and Imaging
21. Velocities, Depth Inversion, AVO, Inversion, Synthetic seismograms, VSP and Velocity Anisotrophy and Imaging
22. Advance Seismic Stratigraphy – with the use of workstation
E. Production Geology Module 
23. Production Geology
24. Operations Geology
25. Development Geology
26. Nigerian Inland Basins
F. Petrophysics & Formation Evaluation Module 
27. Fundamentals of petrophysics
28. Well log interpretation
29. Core analysis and visit to lab
30. Integration of rocks, well log & test data
31. Cased Hole Formation evaluation
G. Petroleum Engineering Module 
32. Petroleum Geomechanics 
33. Drilling, completion and work over operations
34. Surface Production Engineering
35. Reservoir Engineering
H. Reservoir Characterization & Modeling Module
36. Reservoir characterization studies: Concepts & Techniques
Reservoir Geology
37. Reservoir modeling (Static and Dynamic) 
Group practicals / Case studies
38. Integrated Reservoir Management
I. Petroleum Economics & Risk Analysis Module
40. Petroleum Economics & Risk Analysis 
41. Petroleum Project Management & Asset Management
42. Contract planning, cost estimates & project control
43. Entrepreneurship (Petroleum Business) project 
J. Field Development Project Module
44. Project week 1
45. Project week 2
46. Project week 3
47. Project week 4 (Presentation) 
K. Internship & Field Trips (Geological & Geophysical)
48. The internship involves working for a company and undertaking a field trip. In all cases, it will last for a maximum of six months and students will present a formal report on their experience.