Ohiri Reginald Chibueze



Assistant Lecturer,

Biochemistry Department, University of Port Harcourt

BSc (Biochemistry: Abia State University), MSc Biochemistry/ Environmental biochemistry (Federal University of Technology Owerri), Phd (Research student: University of Port Harcourt)

e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile: 08038808077

Reseach area: 
  • Influence of vegetables planted on post remediated farmland on the biochemical, and histopathological indices of albino rats (Ph.D. research topic). (2010 – date)
  • Effect of petroleum oil pollution on some selected soil microbial enzymes (2009).
  • Biochemical and histopathological effect of chronic cassava based cyanide ingestion on rat pancreas (Published in Journal of Research in Bioscience, Vol 3, and No.3) 2007
  • Biochemical effect of some common food preservatives (2007)
  • Effect of chronic intake of Zingiber Officinale enriched diet on the gastrointestinal sections of albino rats (Abstract, published in Book of Abstract, NSBMB 27th Annual Conference, FUTO) (MDB-19). 2007.
  • Influence of Extraction Methods on the Hepatotoxicity of Azadriachta indica (Neem) Bark
  • Extract on Albino Rats (Abstract, published in the book of abstracts, NSBMB 27th Annual conference, (FUTO) (TBP-5) 2007.