Prof. Chukwunonye Moses Ojinnaka



Professor Chukwunonye Moses Ojinnaka graduated from University of Ibadan, Nigeria, B.Sc. (Hons, 1973) and PhD (1978) in Chemistry. He was Head of Research Division, Leather Research Institute of Nigeria, Zaria (1978 – 1979), Research Associate, College of Pharmacy, University of Illinois at the Medical Center, Chicago (1981), Research Fellow, Arrhenius Laboratory, University of Stockholm, Sweden (1984-1985), Head, Chemistry Department (1988-1990), Professor of Chemistry (1995-), Dean, Faculty of Science (2004-2008) at University of Port Harcourt and Senior Research Advisor to Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (1999 -2000 and 2008–2009).  Professor Ojinnaka is a fellow of many Professional bodies.

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  1. Medicinal plant Research

Niger Delta region of Nigeria abounds with unexploited flora and fauna. This informs the effort directed towards the search for novel drugs originating from plant and animal sources. The aim of this research includes:

  • Screening medicinal plants for their biologically active principles
  • Isolation, and characterization of biologically active principles


  1. The Antimalarial Plants Agents of Nigeria: The alkaloids of Picralima nitida (Apocynaceae) (Isolation and bioactivity).
  2. The Molluscicidal and Antibacterial principles of Napoleonaea imperialis (Isolation and structural elucidation).

The results of completed research works are published in Phytochemistry,Afr J Med Med Sci and Journal of Natural Products, Biologia Africana and Proceedings of Nigeria Academy of Science.



Crude oil and its by-products are important economic mainstay in Nigeria. This research will improve the marketability of crude oil and its by-products. The aim of this research project is to study:

  • The mechanism of the oxidative degradation of automotive crankcase oil
  • Therole of metals in the oxidative degradation of automotive crankcase oils
  • The effects of temperature on the chemical characteristics of automotive crankcase oils and their base oils.

Ongoing Research:

  1. Effects of vanadium and other transition metals on degradation of automotive crankcase oils.


Most of the completed research works are published in Tribology International, and Lubrication Science.



University of Port Harcourt is established in a region prone to environmental degradation due to crude oil exploitation and spillage. The research aims at carrying out:

  • Environmental baseline
  • Post-impact environmental assessment of polluted sites

 The objective is to provide the necessary impetus for environmental protection and rehabilitation.

Ongoing Research:

  1. Assessment and treatment of hydrocarbon-inundated soils using inorganic nutrient (N-P-K) supplements.
  2. Chemical Reclamation of crude-oil-inundated soils from Niger Delta, Nigeria.
  3. Preliminary investigation on Mgbede-20 oil-polluted site in Niger Delta, Nigeria.


Publications by this research group could be found in following journals: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Chemistry and Ecology, Chemistry & Biodiversity and Res.J.Chem.Sci..


4. Crude oil Dehydration: Formulation of demulsifiers from surface active components.

The co-existence of produced water with crude oil causes crude-oil emulsion and pipeline corrosion. The aim of the research is: To formulate a crude oil demulsifier that may be friendly in a specified Nigerian oil field.

Ongoing Research:

  1. Study on Demulsifier Formulation for Treating   Bonny light Crude oil Emulsion using HLB – Dielectric Permittivity Correlations.