Edward Tamunosiminikarama Bristol-Alagbariya

Full Names: Edward Tamunosiminikarama Bristol-Alagbariya
Designation: Lecturer I
Relevant Qualifications: Post-Docs (Major Natural Resources Law, Policy & Management, Planning & Environmental Governance, and International Law, International Relations & Strategic Studies); PhD (Major Natural Resources Law & Policy); Master of International Law & Diplomacy (MILD); Barrister-at-Law (BL); Bachelor of Laws (LLB [Hons]); and Bachelor of Arts BA [Hons] History.

Job Description: Lecturing Oil and Gas (Petroleum) Law, Environmental Law, Environmental Governance and Assessment, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, International Law, International Security and Diplomacy, Conduct of Modern Diplomacy, Advanced Studies in International Relations, and Theories and Methods of History etc

Research/Published Works: 
*BOOKS: (i): GOVERNANCE TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA: The Role of Strategic Assessment of Decisions & Actions, Dundee, Centre for Energy, Petroleum & Mineral Law & Policy (CEPMLP) Imprint - Dundee University Press, August 2013. And (ii): PARTICIPATION IN PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT: Towards Sustainable Community Development in the Niger Delta, Dundee, CEPMLP Imprint - Dundee University Press, October 2009 (Second & Third Impressions, 2010).
*CHAPTERS IN BOOKS: (i): Economic Development: The Pre-Slave Trade Era”, by Edward T. Bristol-Alagbariya and Willie J. Okowa; (ii): Economic Development: The Slave Trade Era”, by Edward T. Bristol-Alagbariya and Willie J. Okowa, and (iii): Economic Development: The Oil Palm Produce Trade Era, by Edward T. Bristol-Alagbariya and Willie J. Okowa; all in the Book entitled The Economic Development of Rivers State: In Commemoration of Port Harcourt Centenary Celebration 2013, Briggs N., et al (eds), Port Harcourt, RSEAC/Onyoma Research, 2013.
*ARTICLES IN BOOKS:  Niger Delta: Petroleum Development and Environmental Assessment in Nigeria, in History Concourse 2011: The Niger Delta Environment as Resource and Reserve, Alagoa E. J., et al (eds), Port Harcourt, Onyoma Research, 2012, pp. 217–267.    

Up-coming Publications:
*History of the Faculty of Law, University of Port Harcourt; 
* Ongoing Reform of the Nigerian Petroleum Industry: The Case of the Oil Producing Communities and Positive Transformation of Nigeria
* NIGERIA: The Role of Law in Nation-building

Ongoing Researches:
*Municipal Crises, Politics and Conducts in Contemporary Global Society: The Case of Ethnic-Based Crises in Nigeria 
*Positive International Law and the House System of Governance of the Ancient Nigerian Delta Trading States: Case-study of the Ancient Ibani Nation

Community Service: 
*Supervising Grand Bonny Kingdom’s Community-Based Environmental Watchdog (the Bonny Environment Consultants’ Committee [BECC] also known as the Bonny Environment Consultants’ Company [BECC]), which oversees the affairs of the Environment in the Kingdom, Bonny Local Government Area of Rivers State. See

* Justice of the Peace (JP), Bonny Local Government Area of Rivers State  

Links to Research Works: 
Facebooks Affiliate Visiting Fellow of the School of Law, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom (UK).

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Contact Details: Faculty of Law, Department of Public Law, Abuja Park, University of Port Harcourt

E-mail Addresses: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. AND This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Consulting/Visiting Time: By Appointment 

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