Prof. Ibibia Lucky Worika

•    Full names: Prof. Ibibia Lucky Worika

•    Designation: Professor of Law; Acting Dean, Faculty of Law; and Head of Department, Private Law

•    Relevant qualifications: LLB (Lagos), BL, LLM (Lagos), PhD (Dundee)

•    Job description: Teaching, research, faculty/university administration, community service

•    Areas of Specialization: Oil and Gas Law; Energy Law; Environmental Law; International Law; Law of International Institutions; Comparative Law  

•    RESEARCH WORKS (Selected Publications):
1.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Environmental Law and Policy of Petroleum Development: Strategies and Mechanisms for Sustainable Management in Africa” (Port Harcourt: Anpez Centre for Environment and Development, 2002) pp. 1-386.
Chapters in Edited Collections
1.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “ECOWAS Energy and Natural Resources: Law and Policy”   in 40 Years of ECOWAS.  Abuja: National Institute for Legislative Studies, 2015, chap. 14.  

2.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “International Legal Issues of Significance to OPEC and its Member Countries”, in A. Reinisch, ed., OPEC and International Law, The Netherlands: Eleven International Publishing, 2010, pp. 1-22.

3.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Production Management, OPEC and the WTO”, in J. Pauwelyn, ed., Global Challenges at the Intersection of Trade, Energy and Environment 

4.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Rural Applications of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy”, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), UNEP Handbook for Drafting Laws on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Resources. Nairobi: UNEP, 2007, pp. 216-239.

5.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Energy Development and Utilization in Africa” International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Environmental Law Programme Newsletter (2004), pp. 8-11.  See also Cambridge Books online:

6.    Sergei Vinogradov and Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Global Stakeholders: The Impact of International Law on the Resources Industry”, The Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, International Resources Law and Projects: Straddling the Millennium, published in the CEPMLP Internet Journal:

7.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, Michael Brown, Sergei Vinogradov and Thomas Walde, “Contractual Aspects of Implementing the Clean Development Mechanism and Other Flexible Mechanisms Under the Kyoto Protocol” in W. Bradnee Chambers, Global Climate Governance: Inter-linkages between the Kyoto Protocol and Other Multilateral Regimes.  Tokyo, Japan: The United Nations University (UNU), Global Environment Facility (GEF), and UNU Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (UNU/IAS), 1998, pp. 77-114. 

8.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Environmental Concepts and Terms in Petroleum Legislation and Contracts: A Preliminary Study” in Zhiguo Gao ed., Environmental Regulation of Oil and Gas, London: Kluwer Law International, 1998, pp. 393-415.

9.    Zhiguo Gao and Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Environmental Checklist for Petroleum Exploration and Production Activities” in Z. Gao ed., Environmental Regulation of Oil and Gas.  London: Kluwer Law International, 1998, pp. 531-545. See:

10.    Zhiguo Gao and Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Petroleum Environmental Glossary”, in Z. Gao ed., Environmental Regulation of Oil and Gas.  London: Kluwer Law International, 1998, pp. 547-568. See also

11.    Ibibia Lucky Worika and Richard Aduche Wokocha, “Separation of Powers under the 1999 Constitution: Theory, Practice and Future Directions” in K. Nwosu, ed., Law and Practice of the Legislature in Nigeria, Nigeria: Mayee Publishers, 2002 at pp. 7-37.

12.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Writing Research Papers, Dissertations and Thesis: From Choice of Topic to Final Work” in K. Nwosu, ed., Legal Practice Skills & Ethics in Nigeria: Essays in Honour of Chief Babatunde Abiodun Ibironke, SAN. Nigeria: DCon Consulting, 2004 at Chap. 17. See

13.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Secession: Implications for Constitutionalism and Legality” in A. E. Ogbuigwe and A. Uchegbu eds., Essays in Honour of Nabo Graham Douglas.  Port Harcourt: RSUST, 1992, pp. 203-212.

Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals
•    Articles
1.    Ibibia Lucky Worika and Uzuazo Etemire, ‘Enhancing Good Governance for Africa’s Development: A Socio-Legal Perspective on Women Empowerment’ (2016) *** (***) International Journal of Gender Studies in Developing Countries *** - *** (Published by Inderscience, Switzerland)

2.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Environmental Impact Assessment of Oil and Gas Projects”, Oil, Gas and Energy Law (OGEL), 2003. See

3.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Regulating Government Agencies over Offshore Oil and Gas Operations in Nigeria” The Nigerian Journal of Maritime Law, Vol. 1, No. 1, May,2004 The Nigerian Journal of Maritime Law.

4.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “African Petroleum Resources: Is Sustainable Development Possible”, Port Harcourt Law Journal, Vol. 2, 2003, pp. 1-21.

5.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “From Coal to Renewable Energy: The Regulatory Architecture for Sustainable Energy in Nigeria” Vol. 1, 2003 Rivers State University, Journal of Public Law.  See Centre for African Legal Studies (CLS), Nigerian Legal Bibliography (Peer Reviewed Articles) at

6.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Deprivation, Despoliation and Destitution: whither environment and human rights in Nigeria’s Niger Delta?”8 International Law Students Association (ILSA) Journal of International and Comparative Law (J. Int'l & Comp. L.) 1 (2001-2002) at pp. 1-30. See:; See also: Nigeria Law Journal (2000-2001).

7.    Ibibia Lucky Worika,“Towards a Sustainable Offshore Abandonment Rehabilitation Policy in Africa”, (November/December 2000), Issue 11/12, I.E.L.T.R, pp. 266-275.

8.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Towards a Sustainable Offshore Abandonment Rehabilitation Policy in Africa” Part 1, Issue 10 (October, 2000), International Energy Law and Taxation Review (I.E.L.T.R), pp. 235-240.

9.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, Michael Brown and Sergei Vinogradov, “The Use of Contract Forms in Implementing the Kyoto Protocol: Promising Precedent or Pious Hope?” CEPMLP Website:

10.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Technology Transfer under Petroleum Legislation and Contracts in Africa: Issues, Trends and Future Directions”, Port Harcourt Law Journal (P.H.L.J.) Vol. 1(1999) at pp. 167-199.

11.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, Thomas Walde, Michael Brown and Sergei Vinogradov, “Contractual Architecture for Implementing the Kyoto Protocol: From Hard and Soft Laws to Concrete Commitments”, Review of European Community and International Environmental Law (RECIEL), Volume 8, Issue 2, (1999): 180-190. See:

12.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Environmental Taxation of Mining and Petroleum Investments” 15(10) Oil and Gas Law and Taxation Review (OGLTR) (1997): 367-374.

13.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Contending Perspectives on the Concept of Human Rights”, Journal of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) (1994): 25-38.

•    Book Review

1.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, Book Review of Rose Anne Devlin and R. Quentin Grafton, Economic Rights and Environmental Wrongs: Property Rights for the Common Good.  Massachusetts, USA: Edward Elgar Publishing Inc., 1998, pp. 1-140 in CEPMLP Annual Review: The Dundee Yearbook of International Natural Resources & Energy Law & Policy, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1998, pp. 116-118. See also 

2.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, Book Review of Joyeeta Gupta, The Climate Change Convention and Developing Countries: From Conflict to Consensus?  London: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1997, pp. 1-249 in OGLTR, Issue 6, June 1998, pp. 260-26.

3.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, Book Review of Zhiguo Gao ed., Environmental Regulation of Oil and Gas.  London: Kluwer International Publications, 1998, pp. 1-613 in the CEPMLP Annual Review Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 151-157.
Contributions to National and International Discourse
1.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “What would it take for Nigeria to build a World-class International Airport?” at

2.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Good Governance Conundrum: Beyond Freedom and Anti-corruption Fighters in Nigeria (Africa)”delivered at the 15th Wole Soyinka Annual Lecture in London July 14, 2012. 

3.    Ibibia Lucky Worika. “Boko Haram: Jonathan’s Challenges and Options” at 

4.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Boko Haram: Court Martial Run-away Soldiers” at 

5.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “When is the best time to remove petroleum subsidy in Nigeria?”

6.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “The Paradox of South Africa’s Afro-phobia”

7.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Are rich nations blocking Africa’s growth (I)?”

8.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Are rich nations blocking Africa’s growth? (II)”

9.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Are rich nations blocking Africa’s growth (III)?”

10.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Emerging Scenario in the Administration of Justice in Nigeria”

11.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “Deregulating Poverty Alleviation: Obasanjo’s Quagmire”

12.    Ibibia Lucky Worika, “The Poverty of Education in Nigeria” (cited in Tonye David-West Jnr.

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