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The Centre for Petroleum Geosciences (CPG) was established in 2011 under the umbrella of the Institute of Petroleum Studies of the University of Port Harcourt. The objective of the Centre is to provide post graduate training in petroleum geosciences. The Master of Science degree programme in Petroleum geosciences of CPG is designed to develop professional capability with a high level of competence in the geosciences. The programme offers a good and sound knowledge of the basics of petroleum geosciences that make them capable of fast adaptation to the needs of the petroleum industry. So far, the Centre has commenced its activities and is looking forward to making remarkable contribution to the growth of the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

The Centre is on track towards making its mark in training young men and women to work in the industry. In line with this, in order to ensure the solution of problems that may be peculiar to the oil and gas industry, the Centre is developing a programme for Research Fellows, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral studies in petroleum geosciences. The research-based programme are intended to focus on solving the peculiar problems of the oil and gas industry and enhancing the much needed partnership between the University and the Industry, in line with new Nigerian Content Policy initiatives.

The Centre is also positioned to run a Post Graduate Diploma in Petroleum Geosciences (PGDPG) programme to meet the middle manpower requirements that would fit into the employments standards of the oil and gas industry.

The University of Port Harcourt, a tertiary education institution established by the Federal Government of Nigeria’s University of Port Harcourt Act.84 of 1979, is in partnership with the MacArthur Foundation established to provide necessary financial support to CPG. The MacArthur Foundation has consented to sponsor the Centre for Petroleum Geosciences for a period of three (3) years.


The Centre for Petroleum Geosciences was established by the University of Port Harcourt in collaboration with operators in the Nigerian Oil Industry. The Centre has as its primary goal, the education of Nigerian geoscientists to meet the critical need for highly qualified personnel to manage the nation’s petroleum industry.

The vision of the Centre for Petroleum Geosciences at the University of Port Harcourt is to be an internationally recognized Centre of excellence in education and research in petroleum geology and geophysics, and the leading University Centre of Petroleum Geosciences education, continuing education, and research in the Gulf of Guinea.

The Petroleum Geosciences Programme will provide high-quality education in geology and geophysics to prepare students for successful and responsible professional careers and to fulfill the geological and geophysical education needs of the Petroleum Industry in Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea in general.

The goal is to produce innovative and highly motivated professionals equipped with sharpened competencies, technical expertise, multidisciplinary skills, professional ethics, cost efficiency, soft skills as well as principles of clear communication and team skills for optimum productivity.
•Promotion of culture of excellence in sustained learning, leadership, Internationalism and professionalism
•Advancement and propagation of knowledge in the petroleum industry.

•The structure of the Centre consists of –
•A Governing Board
•An Advisory Board
•An Academic Board
•A Director
•An Assistant Director
•A Coordinator for the M.Sc. Programme
•A Coordinator for the PGDPG Programme
•All students of the graduate programmes of the Centre
•All alumni of the graduate programmes of the Centre


Consist of 12 modules, namely:
•General module multi-discipline - 3 modules
•Petroleum Geophysics - 2 modules
•Petroleum Geology - 2 modules
•Petrophysics and Formation Evaluation - 1 module
•Petroleum Engineering - 1 module
•Reservoir characterization and Modeling - 1 module
•Petroleum Economics and Risk Analysis - 1 module
•Field Development Project - 1 module
Total number of modules - 12 modules
•Geology/Geophysics Field Trip

Staff of CPG
The Centre for Petroleum Geosciences CPG is primarily made up academic and administrative Staff of UNIPORT.
•Visiting Professors
•Adjunct Professors / Lecturers
•Visiting lecturers from International Oil Companies (IOC)

•To provide highly educated personnel who can utilize their technical knowledge and skills to increase value of petroleum assets and to develop petroleum industry business opportunities;
•To advance the technological skill base of the exploration and production sector of the petroleum industry.

Upon completion of the Petroleum Geosciences Master of Science degree programme, graduates will be able to:
1.Apply advanced geological and geophysical concepts and methods to formulate and solve complex petroleum geosciences problems.
2.Find employment in technologically relevant areas, and advance rapidly in their careers.

The programme shall be a total of 18 months consisting of 12 months modular course work and 6 months internship in addition to field trips.

For admission into the programme, candidates must possess a minimum of Second Class (Upper Division) Honors Bachelor’s degree in Geology or Geophysics and Petroleum engineering. Industry/Company workers with three (3) years cognate experience who possess a 2nd Class (Lower Division) Honors Bachelor’s degree (with Cumulative Grade Point Average, CGPA of 3.0 or better) can also be admitted.
Applicants will be subject to written test and oral interview.


Successful students at the end of the programme shall receive an M. Sc Degree in Petroleum Geosciences.



Candidates are expected to seek sponsorship from corporate bodies, PTDF and other sponsoring agencies, however, a limited number of scholarships will be offered to outstanding students.


Students will be prepared for international certification by Associate Environmental Professionals (NREP, USA) and Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals (NISP).

With its developing laboratories, the Centre for Petroleum Geosciences will be positioned to offer a conducive learning environment equipped with state-of-the-art industry-oriented laboratories, virtual library and industry software to conduct applied research. The Centre will also engage in collaborative research and extensive services, offering innovative solutions to industrial problems.


•MacArthur Foundation
•University of Mine and Technology
•University of Western Cape, South Africa
•University of Texas at Austin
•Moni Pulo
•PTDF sponsor students

Computer Laboratory
The Centre has a workstation laboratory comprising a 21-workstation suite using Linux/Windows PCs using Petrel and SMT Kingdom suites and Seisworks (landmark) software. The workstation consists of hardware and software world-class infrastructure dedicated to research and teaching.


We have
•Work stations with 2GB RAM, Windows 7, 32 bits dual core processor, standard LCD, wireless card (not connected yet).
•Colored Printer HP 1515
•B/W Print – P1006

As an Academic Institution we can obtain the best software in the market as an Academic Grant or at a discounted price. For example, in our Geological and Geophysical (G&G) software portfolio we have Landmark software including: Petrel, SMT and SeisWorks for geological interpretation, SeisVision for geophysical interpretation. We hope to acquire ProMAX for seismic processing and Geoprobe for 3D visualization and interpretation; Roxar RMS for reservoir modeling; Surfer for mapping; PrizM for Log Analysis, and many more. (See software detailed list). The Kingdom software was donated to CPG by SMT Kingdom. It is a tool used by explorationists and assets teams. Cash donation was made by Dr. Stanley Lawson for the workstation suite.
The Centre is making moves to meet Schlumberger for a second workstation laboratory.




PG Course                  G&G Software Used             Function

History, Geology           PetroMod 1D                         Petroleum Systems Simulation

of the ME


Sedimentary               Matlab                                    Various visualizations and calculations



Petroleum                  Seismodule                            Seismic reflection and refraction data


            Surfer                                    Acquisition & Proc. General Mapping

            Geosoft Oasis, SMT.               Potential field (gravity and magnetic)
            Lgc ProMAX &                       data interpretation Seismic data interpretation Seismic data processing
            SDI PrintMaster/Montage        Hampson-Russell and interpretation

       Seisworks (landmark)


Analysis and              Matlab                                  Data analysis and Geo-statistics



Petroleum Geology   WellCAD, SMT                        Create digital logs of field data


Petrophysics and      Matlab                                    Data analysis

Logging                    Geographix – PrizM                 Well log analysis


Reservoir                   GeoGraphix                           Integration of data: seismic, well log

Characterization        (not yet available)                    data, to build a reservoir model



Petroleum                  ProMAX                                Seismic data processing and modeling

Systems Project        Hampson and Russeil

                                Norsar 2D/3D/VelRock

                                (not yet available)


In furtherance of its capacity-building initiative in the oil industry, indigenous oil giant, Moni Pulo Petroleum Development have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with University of Port Harcourt in respect of the O. B. Lulu-Briggs Professorial Chair in Petroleum Geosciences which is to produce requisite manpower for the highly specialized petroleum industry.
The Chairman of Moni Pulo Limited, Chief Olu Lulu-Briggs has endowed a N15 million professorial chair in Petroleum Geosciences at the University of Port Harcourt. He also assured that the oil firm would remain committed to the development of local content in the oil industry and that the stakeholders would be adequately empowered to have a sense of belonging. The Professorial Chair in Petroleum Geosciences was endowed in May 2011.
O. B. Lulu-Briggs Professorial Chair of Petroleum Geosciences is occupied by Minapuye Isaac Odigi, a Professor of Petroleum Geosciences who conducts studies for the benefit of Moni Pulo. The studies under the Lulu-Briggs Professorial Chair are to find innovative solutions to oil field problems.


To High Chief (Dr.) O. B. Lulu-Briggs, OON and Chief (Mrs) Seinye Lulu-Briggs, icons of entrepreneurship with a passion for excellence, philanthropy and community service, the proposed Moni Pulo Centre for Petroleum Geosciences is a legacy project to celebrate the successes of these great Nigerians in growing Nigerian Content in the oil and gas industry.
It will be a monumental contribution to human capital development. It is to celebrate the ingenuity and success of the star of indigenous participation in the oil and gas industry.
Benefits will include:
1. Training of Moni Pulo staff (middle level and executive training programmes)
2. Access to IPS software solutions
3. Geoscientists and Engineers of CPG with wide international oilfield experiences will support Moni Pulo in conducting Field Reviews, Field Development Plans (FDP), Productivity Improvement Projects (PIP), Quality Improvement Projects (QIP), QHSE and other field studies.
4. Providing of technical support

Dr. Francis .T. Beka

Centre for Petroluem Geosciences and Reservoir
University of Port Harcourt, P.M.B. 5323 ,Choba,
Rivers State,

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