Ejindu Donates Books To Mgt Faculty Library By Mercy Adeniji


A total of 350 books in various specialisations and instructional materials have been donated to the Faculty of Management Sciences Library by an ex-student of the Department of Marketing, Dr. Morah Ejindu.

Receiving the books on Tuesday, September 11, 2018, Dean of the Faculty, Professor Barisua Nwinee, who was represented by a visibly enthused Associate Dean, Dr. Ikechukwu Nnamdi, expressed gratitude to Dr. Ejindu for making the donation to his erstwhile Faculty.

“This kind of gesture is rare amongst our ex-students, most of who hardly return to give back something to the system that made them what they are today. If one percent of the students we have graduated can do what Dr. Ejindu has done, this University will lack nothing. This is a highly commendable gesture that is worthy of emulation by other students of this University. We can only wish Dr. Ejindu the best in all his endeavours. We wish to assure him that the students and staff will benefit immensely from the books as reference materials in our research,” the Associate Dean said.

Presenting the books, Dr. Ejindu who currently lectures at the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom, expressed happiness to be back in his alma mater, describing it as a great honour since his graduation. The donor recalled that while he was in UniPort, he struggled to find good books and the only resort at the time was the then World Bank Library, now Donald Ekong Library, which was not really opened to everyone as students were only allowed to use the library for about four hours in a day.

“Even then, we were not allowed to take any book out and it was quite a challenge for me since I needed to make references from the materials. When I travelled abroad to study, I began to enjoy the resources there in the form of new textbooks and current reference materials from around the world and I began to see the difference. I then began to think about how to give back to my alma mater to enable it support the next generation, because I want students of the University to have unfettered access to quality books and other instructional materials that I did not get,” he said.

Dr. Ejindu stated that he mobilised his colleagues at the University of Westminster to support his initiative to donate books to his alma mater back home. “I am very happy that they bought into my initiative and started contributing to the collection even beyond my modest expectation. I am enthused at the opportunity to give back to my alma mater which is really dear to me. The foundation of knowledge is in books, so I encourage students and staff to use these books to enhance their scope of knowledge and research. I am so excited to meet my wonderful lecturers and I appreciate them for their warm reception,” the donor said.

In his contribution, a former Dean of the Faculty, Professor Sylva Kalu, recalled that Dr. Ejindu was his student and a one-time Departmental President of Marketing Students' Association. “He was quite an intelligent young man and when he learnt that I was still in the system, he began to communicate with me and promised to give back to the institution that gave him a head start. As teachers, we are happy when our graduates do very well, and it is our duty to encourage them. I appreciate Dr. Ejindu for his kind gesture and urge other graduates of the Faculty and University to emulate his kind gesture,” Professor Kalu said.

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