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 Name of Acting Head of Department: Dr. Peter N. Medee
 Department’s contact email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Department’s contact phone number  : +2348035505827

 Brief Information about the Department

Economics at the University of Port Harcourt was one of the founding Disciplines in the school of social sciences which came into being at the inception of the university in 1977. Then students worked within a framework of an integrated interdisciplinary programme which allowed them to specialize in one of the discipline (Economics, Geography, Political and Administrative Student and Sociology). The department has since its inception 1977 been teaching economics and started awarding degrees in the subject from 1981 to date. It is also responsible for the teaching of the relevant economics course in the faculties of management sciences and education at the undergraduate levels.

The department started in 1987, post graduate programmes leading to the award of M.Sc and Ph.D in economics with specialization in money, Banking and Development Studies. The first set of M.Sc and Ph.D Students graduated in 1989 and 1994 respectively.  The department has expanded in its number of first year student from its humble beginning of 54 students per annum to an annual admission of over 100 students. At the moment, the student enrolment in the Department exceeds 400. There has been a steady growth in staff strength and diversity.

The philosophy of the Department is to ensure that our graduates have a broad training in economics and are well enlightened and self – reliant. Thus the graduates are impacted with the conceptual and analytical skills to decipher the salient features characterizing the intricacies and complexities of a dynamic world. The programme develops the students’ critical judgment, ability to observe, understand, analyze and synthesize data on socio-economic problem using social science concepts, methods and techniques which will enable them to make objective contribution as well contribute to the achievement of national objectives.


Objectives of the Department

The Department has the following objectives:

(i) To develop and improve the student understands of the social and economic problems at the various stages of development of the Nigerian society;

(ii) To train highly informed and enlightened man-power for social and economic development and self-reliance;

(iii) To contribute to a wide understanding of the working and problems of the Nigerian and world economies;

(iv) To provide appropriate environment that enables the students to raise their level of creativity and promote the spirit of self-reliance;

(v) To contribute to the cumulative stock of socially relevant and useful knowledge; and

(vi) To stimulate a broad interest in the discipline and create a critical awareness among Nigerians of the causes of contemporary economic problems particularly those affecting their material well being and the options open to us as a people.


List of Study Options in the Department:
i. Development Economics
ii. Monetary Economics
iii. Public Sector Economics
iv. Financial Economics
v. Quantitative Economics


Duration of Study
   Bachelor of Science (B Sc.):          Minimum of 4yrs
   Masters of Science (M Sc.):          Minimum of  2 yrs
   Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D):          Minimum of 4yrs


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