By degree 70 of 1979, the Federal Government established an agency known as National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) as a parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology. Among other things, NOTAP was mandated to facilitate the acquisition and absorption of foreign technology, encourage the development of indigenous technology and promote the commercialization of research and development (R&D) results in Nigeria. Importantly also, NOTAP was charged with the responsibility to help facilitate the process of patenting products of original research and creative activities at the universities and R&Ds in Nigeria with eye on job and wealth creation.

The recent establishment of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Offices (IPPTOs) in several Nigerian universities and R&D institutions by NOTAP is an attempt to create sub-agencies at institutional levels to effectively promote its mission at the grassroots.


How we started

The process to establish the IPPTO here in the University of Port Harcourt started at the close of 2007 with a letter addressed from NOTAP to the Vice-Chancellor proposing establishment of the Office if an office space and adequate internet facilities could be provided. The Office was commissioned on August 12, 2010.


Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is for the IPPTO here in the University of Port Harcourt to be among the best in Nigeria in the stimulation of excitement and interest in original research directed at promoting innovations capable of linking research activities in the university to industries, ultimately for the material benefits of the researcher, the university and the general public through job and wealth creations. Consequently, our mission is to make original research activities attractive at the University of Port Harcourt through sensitization, facilitation of patent acquisition and commercialization of products of original research, linkage of research activities to industries and formulation and review of mutually rewarding Intellectual Property Policy for the University.


What we do

Among other things, we sensitize and create awareness about opportunities that exist in original research and facilitate patent rights acquisition through linkage with NOTAP and assisting colleagues in processing applications of patent rights.


Between August 12, 2010 and January 24, 2012, the Office received a total of 22 applications for patent rights, out of which one had been cleared by NOTAP and passed on the Patent Registry for Patent Right, while the rest were at various stages of processing.

We have a memorandum with the Vice-Chancellor seeking for approval to undertake a compilation of findings from MSc thesis and PhD dissertations from the Faculties of Science and Engineering in the University of Port Harcourt for the purpose of determining possible innovations/ inventions to be derived from them for translation to industrial goods. Innovators/ inventors can download the Patent Application Form and the procedure for filling application from our site.



The present Director is Dr. R. Uhumnwangho.

Contact details: 

        Phone Number:  08033410950




Our Location

Basic Studies Building

Ground Flour, Right Wing, Room 8 and 9

University Park (Abuja Campus)

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