Department of Music

Department of Music

Name of Ag. Head Of Department: Dr. Isaac O. Ibude
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The need to establish a music programme in the University of Port Harcourt was largely informed by current needs of the Niger Delta community, developmental trends, activities and efforts in the Nigerian music institutions and entertainment industry. Apart from serving academic purposes, the institutionalization of a department of music in the University of Port Harcourt would serve as a veritable platform to harness soaring musical talents among Nigerians, especially those within the Niger Delta region. There is no doubt, therefore, that this development would effectively serve, engage, and empower the young and the old in meaningful creative process and skill development to better serve the humanity.



Following the strategic development plan of the University of Port Harcourt in 2006, Prof. Onyee N. Nwankpa made a submission with regards to establishing a Department of Music to Prof. Don Baridam who was the Vice-Chancellor at the time. A Senate Committee on Academic Programme (SCAP) was set up to work on the modalities for the establishment of a department of music. Prof. Nwankpa, visiting from Canada, met with this committee in 2006, 2007 and 2008. In December 2008, the Senate of the University approved the establishment of the Department of Music with Prof. Henry L. Bell-Gam of the Department of Theatre Arts as the Head of Department, pending the arrival of Prof. Nwankpa from Canada. Prof. Nwankpa assumed duties on February 3, 2010.


The department started its students’ intake with the Certificate Programme during the 2010/2011 academic year. The B.A. degree programme in music of the department commenced during the 2011/2012 academic year with 40 students, most of whom were graduates of the certificate programme.



The Department of Music, University of Port-Harcourt, is recognized as the centre of musical excellence in the whole of the African continent.



The mission of the Department of Music, University of Port-Harcourt, is to provide an outstanding education for the professional and intellectual development of artistes and scholars in an environment that enriches the human mind and spirit. The Department of Music seeks to establish musical and academic groundwork for life-long development through programmes that are functional, serviceable, future-oriented, and relevant to the needs, aspirations and culture of the people of Nigeria. The Department of Music offers programmes leading to the award of certificates, diplomas and degrees.



The rationale behind the establishment of a department of music in the University of Port Harcourt is to create an enabling environment where music as an art can be exposed, expressed, practised, and appreciated. The curriculum has also been designed to cater for the interest of students who intend to offer a full four-year Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree, as well as graduate programmes in music.



The Department of Music which has been designed to accommodate a four-year Bachelor’s degree in such major areas as composition and theory, African music, musicology, production and management, and performance, when established, would provide talented and highly motivated students with theoretical, conceptual and technical skills needed to excel as professional musicians and by extension artists of international repute. Taken together, the courses are designed to promote a well-rounded music education. The aim is to produce graduates who are well positioned to meet the demands of a dynamic society. The department comprises a cope of highly trained academics and professionals for these goals.

The objectives of the Department of Music, University of Port Harcourt, are as follows:

  • To serve as a cultural centre not only for the University and its community, but also for the larger Nigerian and world community;
  • To  encourage intensive research into indigenous music of Africa, especially the Niger Delta people, and provide opportunity for professional training for musicians in Nigeria;
  • Serve as a cultural and artistic conduit for the people of the Niger Delta in particular and Africa in general;
  • To explore the socio-musical contexts and resources of the peoples of Africa, engaging in and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in traditional, contemporary, and modern music innovation;
  • To attract international interest in maintaining a cutting edge as the centre of musical excellence not only in Nigeria, but also in the whole of the African continent.


What does the Department of Music offer to the University of Port Harcourt?


•      Connectivity with the community through such fine arts events as concert series: faculty concerts, student concerts, festivals and other university events;         

•      Opportunity to improve the cultural life of the students and staff through participation in music activities on campus;

•      Scholarly contributions by way of lectures, seminars, workshops, performances, research and publications;

•      Interdisciplinary collaborations in a vibrant music community, and

•      Music therapy and rehabilitation clinics


Opportunities for the Graduates

Graduates of our music programmes will be found in schools, universities, worship and art ministries, orchestras, bands, choruses, opera companies, recording studios, as well as in education ministries, arts organizations and administration, music and art businesses, promotions and retailing, community arts and social development  programmes, museum, music therapy and health care rehabilitation services, and the radio, television and recording industries.




The Department of Music at the University of Port-Harcourt offers undergraduate and graduate programmes leading to the award of the following degrees and diplomas:


                Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in music with the following areas of specialization:

                        Composition and Theory.

                        Music Education.

                        African Music.

                        Arts Business Administration and Events Management.

                        Music Therapy.

                        Sound Recording Engineering and Multimedia.

                        Musical Instrument Technology.

                        Church Music, and Performance:

                        Conducting (Choral, Orchestral/Wind Band).

                        Keyboard (Piano, Organ).

                        Strings (Violin, Viola, cello, Double bass, Guitar, Harp).


                        Wind/Brass (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone, Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Tuba).

                        Percussion (Drums, Xylophones, and other percussion instruments).


Certificate (one year intensive) programme in Music.


Professional Development Programmes

These programmes, targeted at individuals who are professionally involved in music and allied fields, cover such areas as:

  •                     Sacred Music, Worship and Arts Ministry.
    •                     Conducting (choral/wind band).
      •                     Composition
        •                     Arts Administration and Events Management.
          •                     Audio Recording and Studio Management.



Graduate Programmes

The Department of Music, University of Port-Harcourt, plans to offer graduate programmes leading to the award of the following degrees:

Master of Music (MMus)

i.   Performance: Applied Music

  •                            Piano/Organ.
    •                            Strings.
      •                             Voice.
        •                             Wind.
          •                             Percussion.
            •                             Conducting (Choral, Orchestral/Wind Band/Instrumental).


           ii.   Theory and Composition.


iii. Music Technology (Sound Recording and Multimedia, Musical Instrument Technology).


iv.  Music Therapy.


Doctor of Music (D.Mus.)

  1.                         Performance: Applied Music
    1.                         Composition.

                        Conducting (Choral, Orchestral/Wind Band/Instrumental).

                        Music Therapy.


Master of Arts (MA) (thesis-based or course-based).

  1.                         Theory.
    1.                         Music Education (Elementary, Secondary or Special Education).
      1.                         Musicology.
        1.                         African Music
          1.                         Arts Business Administration.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

  1.                         Composition.
    1.                         Theory.
      1.                         Music Education.
        1.                         Musicology.
          1.                         African Music.


Note: Admissions into these graduate programmes are considered on an individual basis. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Department of Music to make sure that supervisors are available for specific areas prior to application for admission.


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