Ace Educationist Family Donates To Library


By Letom Nnen


In keeping to the ideals  of the late  ace educationist, Jenudo Oke, his  family  has  donated  books  numbering  about  188  to the  Donald  Ekong  Library.  Speaking shortly  before  donating  the  books  on  behalf  of t h e   f a m i l y   a t   t h e   Vi c e   C h a n c e l l o r ' s Committee Room on T uesday, September 15, 2020,  wife  of  the  late  educationist,  Mrs Ndidiamaka  Oke  who  was  accompanied  by one of her  sons, Okenwa Oke, disclosed that
the  family's  decision  was  informed  by  the premium  their  late  husband  and  father placed  on  reading  and  education.  “Right  now, his  family  feels  that  these  books  may be  useful to  the  students  in  your  University  for  their studies  and  so,  wishes to  donate them  to  the Institution.  We  hope  that  this  gesture  will go  along  way in  aiding  the  users  in  their  studies and  research  work,”  she  said. Re c e i v i ng   t he   bo o ks   whi c h  c ut   a c ro s s
different subject areas, including  Philosophy, Religion  and  Education,  the  Acting  Vice Chancellor ,   Professor  Stephen  Okodudu commended  the  family  for  the  gesture.  He assured representatives of the family that the books  would  be  put  to  good  use. “Let me on behalf of the staff and students of
the  University  of  Port  Harcourt  thank  you for  this  gesture.  We  want to  assure  you  that  our  students  would find  these  books useful as resource  materials. We  want to  wish you  and  your  family  the  best,” Professor  Okodudu assured  his guests.

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