Chief of Defence General Musa sends His Gratitude

The Convocation lecture has come and gone, leaving behind a trail of unforgettable memories that will continue to resonate with the Chief of Defence Staff General Christopher Musa for a long time. 

After arriving at his Base in Abuja, he was filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to attend such a remarkable event. 

He was deeply moved by our hospitality, the powerful reception and insights shared at the occasion and was amazed by the level of engagement shown by the audience.
 In a heartfelt message sent to the Vice Chancellor, General Musa expressed his profound appreciation for the opportunity and conveyed his heartfelt thanks to the entire team that made the event possible.

Below are his exact words:
"Thank you very much Prof. It was a different experience all the way. Thank you for the privilege. God bless you and your wonderful institution."

Recall that the chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Musa was the Guest lecturer at the 34th Convocation of the University of Port HARCOURT.

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