Pharmacy Research Team Links Black Ants To Diabetes

pharmacy-research-teamA research team led by the Dean of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor Oleka Udeala, has revealed that the presence of Black ants also known as lusuias nigar in  urine could be an early indication of diabetes.

Commenting further on the research funded by Montrex-Rolex, Geneva, Professor Udeala noted that it is targeted at rural dwellers and low income earners, who cannot afford regular medical checks. He disclosed that diabetic persons on medication could also use the ants to monitor the illness and response to drugs.

Professor Udeala said that the research findings would improve life for diabetic patients, as well as lead to the eventual establishment of a drug centre which would provide orthodox and herbal medicines for managing the deadly illness. “We have the Choba Community as a starting point. It will eventually spread out to other communities in the Niger Delta”, he said.

Disclosing plans to produce sweeteners using locally-sourced berries, fruits and mushrooms with sweetening agents for diabetic persons, Professor Udeala said the Faculties of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Agriculture would collaborate to grow the plants and promote the product of the research.

He decried the age-long tradition of neglect for edible plants and roots, stressing that the Faculty would grow and preserve the plants to avert their extinction. “The sweetener would replace sugar, honey and other forms of artificial sweeteners for diabetic persons”, the Dean, said.

Other members of the Team are Dr Ken Ugoeze, Dr Nkemakolam Nwachukwu, Dr (Mrs) Adedokun Modupeola and Mr Nkemdirim Elechi.

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