Kenyan AIESEC Intern Commends UniPort Students For Teamwork


Kenyan Intern, Miss Doreen Jeptoo Rotich, who arrived two weeks ago to participate in a six-week exchange programme of the student organisation, AIESEC, has commended what she described as a strong harmonious relationship among students of the University which results in significant advantages in the accelerated growth of the University of Port Harcourt.
The Intern, who made the observation when UniPort President of AIESEC, Miss Vivian Atuchukwu, led her on a familiarisation visit to the UniPort Weekly office last Friday, stated that her interaction with students so far revealed that they were diligent, hospitable and friendly.
“I am here for six-week visit that would enable me participate in Project Pink. I arrived on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 and I am quite impressed with what I have seen so far. Nigeria is a beautiful country with nice people and diverse cultures. The country has nice food; I like the pepper soup and bole—roasted plantain. It was my first time of tasting them and I like them. They are sweet, but I was not comfortable with much pepper. I like the unity that exists among students as I stay with them,” the Intern said.
On the Project Pink which brought her from the Cicely Mcdonell School of Nursing, Nairobi, Kenya to the University of Port Harcourt, Miss Rotich said the ongoing project centres around creating awareness on breast cancer and sustaining advocacy on knowledge of the deadly ailment.
“Breast cancer which affects the breast tissue could be treated at the early stages. So, we want to continue to engage the local community people on the need to go for regular check-ups, at least, twice a year to ascertain their health status. It is not easily detectable at the early stages. There is a need to repeat the check-ups more than once in a year,” the Intern said.
“For women who are tied to their religion or traditional belief systems and would not want male caregivers to do the check-ups, they have the right to demand to be seen by female doctors and nurses to attend to them. The important thing is that they should do the check-ups,” she advised.
On patients who were already diagnosed with breast cancer, she suggested surgical procedures that could address their situation. “There are also drugs that are toxic to the cancerous cells that can kill the cancerous cells, but with side effects on the patients. Patients should not engage in traditional method of cure that may worsen their condition. They should eat healthy food; not processed food that could predispose them to cancer. Personal hygiene such as avoiding bra with metals should be observed,” Rotrich said.
Also speaking, UniPort AIESEC President, Miss Atuchukwu, said the organisation would sustain advocacy in the communities within and outside the University environment to create impact. “We feel that the best way to go is to carry out projects where we can transport and secure our team and then follow them up to create impact. That is basically why we run projects in a particular location for a long time,” the President said. 


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