Dr. Prince Chinedu Mmom



Dr. Prince Chinedu Mmom Graduated from the University of University of Ibadan, Nigeria, B.Sc(Edu) Hons,(1995) and PhD(2005) in Environmental Resources Planning & Management, University of Calabar, Nigeria. He is currently the Chairman, Nigerian Environmental Society(NES) Rivers State, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Nigerian Environmental Society(JNES) and Senior Lecturer Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Port Harcourt.  He was Acting Director, University Environmental Beautification and Sanitation Unit, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria (2009-2012) and Team Leader, EIA for the Rivers State Government Waste-to-Wealth Project at Rumukwurushi and Igwuruta-Ali. Dr. Mmom is also involved in ecological restoration programs and remediation of petroleum polluted environments, a member of various international and national professional bodies and a Registered Environmental Manager (USA).


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1. Ecological Restoration and Remediation

·         Restoration of crude oil polluted soils in the Niger Delta.

·         Effluent Monitoring and effluent waste monitoring.

·         Perception of Environmental Offset.

·         Environmental Sanitation and Public Health Challenges.

·         Environmental Quality Assessment and Biodiversity loss assessment.

·         Spatial Pattern of Development and Urban Flood Prediction


Some of these studies have been published in Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering, Research Journal of Environmental and Earth, Journal of Geographic Thought, The Port Harcourt Journal of the Social, Research Journal of Applied Sciences,  Engineering and Technology and the Asian Journal of Medical Sciences. Others can be found in the following sites;,,



  • Assessing & Exploiting Indigenous ecological knowledge Systems for Natural Resource Management in the Cultural Landscape of the Niger Delta, Nigeria.
  • Resilience and Sustainability in the face of Natural Disasters: the case of Coastal Flooding in the Niger Delta, Nigeria.
  • Remediation of Hydrocarbon polluted soils using Saw Dust and Poultry waste.