Eludoyin Olatunde Sunday



Mr Eludoyin Olatunde Sunday Graduated from the University ofIbadan, B.Sc.Ed (Hons) in Geography (1998). He also holds two M.Sc. in GIS (2002) and Geography (2004) from the University of Ibadan and is currently pursuing a PhD in Geography from the same university. Mr Eludoyin has been involved in many projects as a GIS Analyst, is the Online Editor for the British Journal of Environment and Climate Change. Mr Eludoyin  is also a member of various international and national professional bodies including Association of American Geographers (AAG), USA.


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Mobile : +2347039576346



  • Spatial Analysis of Flood Vulnerability, urban infrastructure and water resources.
  • GIS, Urban Forestry and Climate Change.
  • GIS Assessment of Land Use and Land Cover Changes.
  • Remote Sensing and Forest Resources Management.


Some of these studies have been published in the International Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Nigeria. Journal of Nigerian Environmental Society (JNES), Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management, International Journal for Traffic and Transport Engineering, Asian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Journal of Geographic Thought, Tropical Focus and The International Journal Series on Issues.