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Amiye Francis is a Senior Lecturer and Associate Dean, Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Port Harcourt. She has a post-doctorate training in Fisheries/Hydrobiology from the University of Port Harcourt and specializes in Fisheries management (Conservation). 

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Mobile: 08033365783


Current Research:
  • Comprehensive compilation on phyla of aquatic invertebrates. Vital in studies of sustainable aquatic biodiversity and healthy aquatic ecosystem.
  • Biological studies on Pomadasys peroteti (grunter)from the New Calanar River, Nigeria. To highlight sustainability status of the fishery
  • Physico-chemical parameters of the New Calabar River and implications for its fisheries. Should reveal the suitability or otherwise of the aquatic system for optimum fisheries exploitation.
  • Nominal catch rates of fish speciesProviding baseline data on the relative abundance of fish species.
  • Perfecting technology for natural seed propagation of brackish water and marine fish speciesEnsuring food security.
  • Stock assessment of fish stocks within the Niger Delta and conservation strategies for their optimum managementOptimum production of the fish species to ensure food security, job creation and earn foreign exchange.