AVC Seeks Support To Transform Youth-Friendly Centre

By Sam Kpenu


The Acting Vice Chancellor, Professor Stephen Okodudu, has called on the Institution's development partners, National Action Committee on AIDS (NACA) and ECOBANK Plc to sustain all efforts aimed at building a mutually-beneficial relationship at the University of Port Harcourt YouthFriendly Centre. Professor Okodudu stated this while addressing the development partners who visited the Youth-Friendly Centre on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at Delta Park, University of Port Harcourt. The Acting Vice Chancellor decried a situation in which the structure at the Centre was allowed to decay beyond imagination, wondering why it has to be so. He said the University has kept to its part of the bargain by providing a befitting accommodation, lamenting that in spite of the shown by the University, the developmental partners failed on their part of the bargain, thereby, denying the students the needed infrastructure for use at the centre. “The Centre should be overhauled with modern  commitments
facilities like internet, new cushions and not long benches and tables,” he said.
Speaking separately, the Representatives of ECOBANK Nigeria and the National Action Committee on AIDS (NACA) promised to do all within their powers to live up to their parts of the bargain to ensure the growth of the Centre.

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